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Ethics Plan


Section 6 of the ATAGAA requires every adjudicative tribunal to develop an ethics plan. The ethics plan must include any matter specified in a directive of the Management Board of Cabinet. The ethics plan must be approved by the Conflict of Interest Commissioner.


To maintain the highest level of public confidence and trust, it is critical that Members of the Consent and Capacity Board conduct themselves according to prescribed ethical standards.

All of the following requirements and/or documents equally apply to this Ethics Plan. Under the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006 (PSOA), Members of the Board are bound to comply with conflict of interest and political activity rules designed to ensure that their private interests are not in conflict with their duties and responsibilities in relation to the Board.

All Members of the Board (and former Board Members) are required to comply with the:

  • Conflict of Interest Rules for Public Servants and Former Public Servants as set out in Ontario Regulation 381/07 (the Regulation), made under the PSOA.
  • Political Activity rules as set out in Section V of the PSOA.
  • Code of Conduct established by the Board.
  • Rules of Practice established by the Board.
  • Position Descriptions.
  • Member Core Competencies.

During new member training, all new appointees will receive training regarding their obligations under this Ethics Plan and the PSOA.

As part of ongoing member training, the Board will provide an annual notice to all members, containing information regarding their obligations under this Ethics Plan and the PSOA.


This Ethics Plan was approved by the Conflict of Interest Commissioner on February 8, 2012

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