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Member Performance Standards

These standards were developed by CCB members themselves. They serve as a guide to members in their work for the CCB and provide the framework for peer performance evaluation.

All Members
All CCB members do the following:

  • Show a competent understanding of the legal framework in which the CCB operates, its jurisdiction, the applicable law and the CCB administrative procedures and practices.
  • Demonstrate computer and technological literacy including: being able to access and use all hearing related materials in a manner respecting the Board’s procedures and the confidentiality of documents; and knowledge and competence with teleconference and videoconference hearing platforms with an ability to troubleshoot.
  • Always arrive at hearings in advance of the hearing, be fully prepared for the hearing (having read all hearing documents), and appropriately dressed for a business environment.
  • Conduct themselves in a dignified, fair, professional, and respectful manner, during and outside the hearing, respecting the needs of the participants in our processes.
  • When questioning any of the parties, including persons who are the subject of the hearing, and witnesses, ask questions in an appropriate manner paying attention to tone and language, and avoiding repetition and leading questions.
  • Participate fully in deliberations by finding the facts from the evidence, then applying the law to those facts.
  • Listen to the perspectives of others during deliberations.
  • Deal with the CCB staff and other CCB members in a respectful and courteous way, submitting required information and/or documents in a timely manner.
  • Take careful notes during hearings to assist with fact-finding during deliberations.

Public Members
In addition to maintaining the standards listed above for “All Members,” Public Members of the CCB:

  • Enhance the scope of understanding of their fellow panel members through their diversity of personal, professional, and volunteer backgrounds.
  • Validate for CCB stakeholders that there is community representation on the tribunal panel in addition to legal and medical expertise.

Medical Members
In addition to maintaining the standards listed above for “All Members,” Medical Members of the CCB:

  • Use their expertise to help their fellow panel members understand relevant medical concepts and assist the panel with information about psychiatric treatment.
  • When necessary, use their expertise to ask relevant questions, without leading the witness.
  • Avoid offering clinical advice or opinions to parties during the hearing.

Lawyer Members
In addition to maintaining the standards listed above for “All Members,” Lawyer Members of the CCB:

  • Assist their colleagues to understand and deal with legal issues when necessary.
  • Preside over hearings in a way which is fair, dignified, inclusive, professional, and respects the rules of natural justice.
  • Preside over hearings in a way which is focused on the issues to be decided and is time effective, including maintaining firm control over the hearing in a way which is not overly formal.
  • Effectively introduce the participants and the process at the beginning of each hearing and seek to ensure that all understand.
  • Adjourn hearings only when fairness demands it and there is no other reasonable alternative.
  • Deal fairly and expeditiously with preliminary matters raised by the parties.
  • Strike a balance between assisting the parties, especially when they are representing themselves, and maintaining the independence and neutrality of the CCB.
  • Lead the panel in its deliberations without dominating, ensuring that all points of view are heard and considered.
  • Write clear and transparent Order/Endorsements and Reasons for Decision, on time and in the required format.
  • Organize hearing materials into files and attach exhibit numbers to hearing documents. Attach presiding member’s signature to Decisions, Order/Endorsements, and Reasons for Decision, and deliver to the parties electronically. Transmit all required hearing documentation to the Board electronically.
  • Ensure all post-hearing documents are submitted to the Board electronically and in a timely manner consistent with the CCB protocol.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view pdf files.