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Peer Performance Evaluation Program (PPEP)

The overall purpose of the CCB Peer Performance Evaluation Program (“PPEP”) is to enhance the quality of adjudication and the professional development of all members. It also provides improved accountability of the CCB. Trained evaluators from all three member groups (public, medical, lawyer) bring consistency and reliability to the peer evaluation process of members.

Objectives of the Peer Performance Evaluation Program
The specific objectives for the Program are to:

  • Ensure the maintenance of the CCB’s standards and uniformity of its practices throughout the province;
  • Maintain public confidence in the performance of the CCB and its individual members;
  • Ensure that all CCB members have acquired and maintained the skills necessary for their role;
  • Provide members with an opportunity to do some self-evaluation and provide any feedback to the CCB;
  • Identify individual training and skill development needs if required; and
  • Give a positive advantage to the member by providing feedback on perceived strengths, weaknesses and areas on which input is requested.

Responsibility for the operation of the Peer Performance Evaluation Program

  1. Overall responsibility for the Program lies with the Chair.
  2. The Chair may delegate management of the Program, or aspects of its operation, as required.

Scope of the Peer Performance Evaluation Program

  1. The Program shall cover all CCB members except the Chair and the full-time Vice Chairs.

Frequency of Performance Evaluation
The Program will endeavour to provide every CCB member with a minimum of one peer performance evaluation during the term of each of his/her Orders in Council. Additional performance evaluations may be requested by the Chair.

Performance Evaluation Criteria: Member Performance Standards
The CCB has adopted a set of standards for the performance of its members. These standards have been defined by the members themselves and reflect their view of how their performance should be measured. Peer performance evaluations will be conducted with reference to these standards.

The Peer Performance Evaluation Process

  1. For each performance evaluation, the Chair or the PPEP Administrator will delegate an evaluator. The evaluator will conduct investigations to permit him or her to evaluate the performance of the member being evaluated. Such investigations will include confidential consultation with other members with whom that member has sat on hearings, consultation with the CCB legal counsel and the Deputy Registrar and review of written Reasons for Decision, Order/Endorsements, or rulings if applicable. In most cases, it will also involve the evaluator observing the person whose performance is being evaluated participate in a hearing.
  2. The evaluator will provide both oral and written feedback to the member.
  3. Feedback from the evaluator will relate to the CCB Member Performance Standards and will be as specific as possible.
  4. A member being evaluated will have an opportunity to complete a Member Self-evaluation.
  5. The evaluator will review the results of the peer performance evaluation with the member before forwarding them to the Chair.
  6. Follow-up to a peer performance evaluation will be at the discretion of the Chair or his/her delegate and may include additional training of the member, appointment of a mentor, or other measures as deemed appropriate.

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