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Policy Guidelines

The Consent and Capacity Board has implemented Policy Guidelines to assist Board members in carrying out their duties. The purpose of these Policies is to promote coherence, consistency, and fairness in the treatment of applicants appearing before the Board.

These Policies were developed after extensive internal and external consultation, and they identify guiding principles for adjudicating and managing cases. While not binding on Board members, these Policies provide guidance to Board members and to the personnel supporting adjudicative functions with regard to the procedures that should be followed in particular situations before the Board.

Board members are expected to apply them or provide a reasoned justification for not doing so in special circumstances in which the application of the Policy Guidelines will result in undue unfairness to one of the parties.

  • Policy Guideline No. 1 - Right to Apply When Certificate of Involuntary Status or Renewal or Continuation is Renewed Before the Board Renders a Decision

  • Policy Guideline No. 2 - Arranging Legal Counsel for a Person who is the subject of an application

  • Policy Guideline No. 3 - Disclosure of An Applicant's Personal Information For Hearings Under The Mandatory Blood Testing Act

  • Policy Guideline No. 4 - Policy for Delivery of Documents to the Board and to Other Parties for CCB Hearings

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