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Board's Reasons For Decision

The Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) publishes all Reasons for Decision on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) website. Many federal and provincial administrative boards and tribunals also post their decisions on the CanLII website or on their own website. This link [ Board's Reasons for Decision] will redirect you to the Reasons for Decision issued by the CCB since June 1, 2003. Some Reasons issued before June 1, 2003 are also available on CanLII. The official version of the reasons for decision is the signed original in the Board file. In the event that there is a question about the content of reasons issued by the Board, the original in the Board file takes precedence.

Please note that these Reasons may undergo editing changes after they have been released to the parties. To protect the privacy of individual parties (such as patients and their families), references such as an individual party’s full name (initials are used instead of full names), family members’ full names (initials are used instead), workplace or employer’s name, and other personal identifiers have been omitted from all CCB Reasons for Decision posted on CanLII. Note that names of persons appearing before the Board in their professional capacity (e.g. health practitioners, evaluators, attending physicians, etc.) will not be omitted. Any concerns regarding the CCB’s practice of protecting personal information when publishing Reasons for Decision on the CanLII website can be directed to